Four Insights to Give Your PPC Manager to Increase Your ROI

Four Insights to Give Your PPC Manager to Increase Your ROI

We’re experts on digital marketing. We know how to make PPC campaigns effective and draw in relevant traffic to the right landing pages. No matter how good we are at our jobs though, we’re never going to know your business as well as you are. You’re the expert on YOUR business. You know what products are bringing in the most RFQ’s, what language is used most often in your industry, and what your customers care about most.

So, having some level of collaboration with your PPC account manager usually leads to better results. Understanding what information is helpful for you to give us marketers can be confusing. For that reason, we’ve laid out the top four questions we ask our clients to improve their accounts.

1. How much business are you getting?

More than any other information you can give us, this is the most important. Our goal is to increase your sales. So, if you’re not getting more business, something’s wrong. We try to check in with our clients at least quarterly to see how everything’s going, but if you’re having an unusually busy or slow month, let us know! We can use that knowledge to make informed changes to your account to increase its success.

2. Are you getting any irrelevant inquiries?

If you’re seeing a pattern of RFQs for projects that your company can’t do, the sooner you tell us the better! This likely means your campaign needs to be adjusted to better fit your company’s offerings. We also like to ask this question quarterly, but if you notice any irrelevant inquiries beforehand, please reach out. If you don’t tell us, we don’t know.

3. Do your sales percentages add up with your ad group percentages?

Quick explanation of ad groups: Each company with PPC marketing has a campaign with a daily budget they chose. That campaign is made up of ad groups. Each ad group represents a different product or service the client sells. So, one of our clients sells meters. Each of their ad groups markets a different type of meter, whether that be analog panel meters, digital meters, VU meters, etc.

Those ad groups share the campaign budget on a first-come-first-serve basis — the budget isn’t split up equally. One ad group can use all the daily budget before noon if it’s popular enough and once the daily budget is depleted, the ads turn off for the day.

Why does this matter? The percentage of the budget used by each ad group should be roughly equal to the percentage of sales each ad group brings in for your company. Let’s say the analog panel meters ad group is using only 20% of our client’s budget, but this product represents 80% of their sales. That’s a problem! It means they’re not getting enough exposure where it matters.

Help your account managers by letting them know what percentage of your revenue is generated by each ad group. We can use that information to make sure your budget is being spent efficiently.

4. Do all your keywords make sense?

We send our clients their keywords monthly in the form of a performance report. It’s easy to ignore those monthly reports in the busyness of the work day, but taking the time to at least skim the keywords is extremely helpful for your campaign. If you see a keyword that you’re not sure about, one that’s missing, or you have a question, reach out! The keywords in your campaign are the ones we found to be accurate from our research and the information you gave us, but you’re the one who’s going to know whether they’re truly relevant.

Ultimately, it’s our job as account managers to contact you to make sure our efforts are generating leads. However, the more insight you give us, the better results you’ll see. So, don’t be afraid to send us an email or call us with information you think could be helpful at any time. Your success is our success.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together — James Cash Penney